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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Reggae Rootz-series#1A-"Masspyke Gettho People " With IGina IJah singing "'R U Ready"

"Reggae Rootz" is another series of Live Music Videos brought to you by 'Angel 7 Productions' and 'Masspyke Productions', for you musical entertainment pleasure. You have seen IGina IJah before, or maybe you missed the first series "Reggae Roots-In on the Blues Club up in Yorke, ME; where Igina is featured in episode #7, and Journalist Bandoo was in episodes #1-6, along side the Masspyke Gettho People & Vibewise Crew, as the opening act. There's still more to come in that series, in episodes 8-14, where IGina reigns supreme in her wide selection of orginal music, and african drumming solo's. But this series here is a clear observation of her skills and singing abitlities. IGina sings her song "'R U Ready" in the set, setting the pace for the rest of this series. She is accompanied by a few musicians from several bands, led by Drummer/Producer Glen Grant, from 'Masspyke Productions' and General of the "Masspyke Gettho People Crew". Producer Glen Grant has been producing music for seveal artists; IGina IJah being one of them. Journalist Bandoo is also an artist that 'The General' has been producing music for, for some time. Keep your ears and eyes open for more exciting music videos coming your way real soon. You can check this sites below for more information: http://www.connectcarib.coom

Reggae Rootz-series#1B-"Masspyke Gettho People " With IGina IJah singing "To Stay in Love"

Here is Part 2 of our series "Reggae Rootz Series #1-A thru E, with the Backing band: "Masspyke Gettho People & Vibewise Crew", pre-recorded live at the Cambridge Community Television Station Studios. Featuring Female Reggae Artists "IGina IJah", as she melodically sings 'To Stay in Love'. There's more to come in the following epsiodes so stay tuned. Leader of the Musican crew from 'Masspyke Gettho People' is drummer Glen Grant, who is also currently IGina's music producer. You will learn and hear more about Glen Grant if you come back to 'Angel's Musical Point of View' often to hear a live interview with the crew. Enjoy!

Reggae Rootz-series#1C-"Masspyke Gettho People " With IGina IJah singing "Come Follow Me"

"Reggae Rootz" brings you another episode with the sweet voice of "IGina IJah", as she invites you to "Come Follow Me". A Song she wrote to tell the 'Sisters' out there to not stray, and stay on the right path, no matter what. This series was recorded at Cambridge Community Televison (CCTV), in Cambridge, MA. Courtesy of 'Angel 7 Productions', Host: Angel Naphtalie, on 'Angel's Musical Point of View'. The Backing band here was 'Masspyke Gettho People & Vibewise Crew' lead by Drummer & Producer: Glen Grant, who has been producing some of IGina's music, soon to come. Other musicans are: Bassie (from Vibewise Band, Boston, MA) Zach Youngberg, Keyboards (From Vibewise Band): Donny Jones, Guitarist (from Soul Shot Band, RI, MA): Frankie 'Ire' Moniz. Check out the rest of the series. Enjoy!

Reggae Rootz-series#1D-"Masspyke Gettho People " With IGina IJah singing "Stand up & Rise"

Reggae Rootz series #1D-Continues with IGina IJah, singing her song, "Stand up & Rise", backed by the "Masspyke Gettho People & Vibewise Crew". IGina has been working with Producer and Drummer Glen Grant, of Masspyke Productions & Crew. Her new songs, along with The Masspyke Productions Compilation, will be out soon. Take Note. Stay tuned for the Jam Session coming up next.

Reggae Rootz-series#1E-"Masspyke Gettho People Crew" Jam Session

Ok!...Here we Go Last of this Session..of the 'Masspyke Gettho People Crew" With Drummer-Glen Grant, Bassie (from VibeWise Band, Boston) Zach Youngberg, Guitarist (from Soul Shot Band, RI) Frankie "Irie" Moniz, Keyboardist (from Vibewise Band, Boston) Donny Jones. These musicans came to gether to show the Bands out there, that it doesn't matter what band you belong to, you still should show musican-ship, and use your talents and skills as a musican, to preform, when ever called to do so, with out having issues. Music is the healing of the nations, and the soul, and with out being able to express that, there is no reason for one to perform at all. The other important fact is that no-one band owns a musician unless, he or her, themselves wish to be exclusive. Music is Free, not to be held captive. Let it Flow! Thank you for tuning in! Your Host-Angel Naphtalie

Reggae Rootz-series: #2-Recorded at "Masspyke Gettho People Crew" Interview"

Here is Part Two of this series-Pre-recorded Live at the CCTV Cambridge Community Television Studio's in Cambridge on "Angel's Musical Point of View" with Host Angel Naphtalie, as she continues her interviews with the "Masspyke Gettho People Crew". This episode features the Drummer & Producer of Masspyke Productions and Masspyke Gettho People Crew, none other than Glen Grant, out of New York. Top 10 Drummer in the Reggae World. Let's See what the 'General' has to say.

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