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Angel Naphtalie DJ & VJ Host
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Reggae Rootz-series#1E-"Masspyke Gettho People Crew" Jam Session

Ok!...Here we Go Last of this Session..of the 'Masspyke Gettho People Crew" With Drummer-Glen Grant, Bassie (from VibeWise Band, Boston) Zach Youngberg, Guitarist (from Soul Shot Band, RI) Frankie "Irie" Moniz, Keyboardist (from Vibewise Band, Boston) Donny Jones. These musicans came to gether to show the Bands out there, that it doesn't matter what band you belong to, you still should show musican-ship, and use your talents and skills as a musican, to preform, when ever called to do so, with out having issues. Music is the healing of the nations, and the soul, and with out being able to express that, there is no reason for one to perform at all. The other important fact is that no-one band owns a musician unless, he or her, themselves wish to be exclusive. Music is Free, not to be held captive. Let it Flow! Thank you for tuning in! Your Host-Angel Naphtalie

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