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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Reggae Rootz-Series: #1 with Masspyke crew "In on the Blues club"

The first of a 14 part series, I, Angel Naphtalie from Angel Productions, brings you the Masspyke Crew. This series was pre-recorded live on location at a club called: "In on the Blues" up in York Beach, ME., back somewhere near the end of August 2006. The Band consists of several members who work together and with bands around the Boston, MA area, like: Masspyke Band, Getto People Backing Band, and Vibewise Band. The Captain and leader of the Crew is the General, himself, the drummer, Glen Grant. Although he doesn't like to take credit for that. He is one of the top ten Drummers out of New York and ranks at the top, of the list for Reggae drummers. He was taught be the best, a strives to up hold his teachers and mentors deep rooted culture, and many hard knocks, and drilling, when it comes to playing and executing the grooves and rythmns on the Kit. Mr. Grant demands the respect, that is due, and shows his love of music, in his commanding position on the throne. Check out the rest of the series 1-14, with two great budding artist: Journalist Bandoo, and IGina IJah. Enjoy, ..and feel free to post your comments. Love to hear from you. Peace & Guidence, Angel Naphtalie

Series#2- Live Reggae Roots#2-"In on the Blues" with Masspyke & Journalist Bandoo

Here is another episode, for your Roots Vibes satisfaction. You already checked out, by now, episode Angel Productions featured the backing sensation Roots band in Boston, "MassPyke Gettho People & Vibewise Crew", now get ready for a ride with the newest recording Artist:: Journalist Bandoo. You can also check out his hot Music Video on Just search for "Weekend vacation" or Journalist Bandoo. He's there. But, while you are here enjoy Journalist with the Masspyke crew, live at the "In on the Blues Club" video taped back in August 2006. There is more coming, so get ready for the ride up the Masspyke, for a musical adventure. Enjoy!... and feel free to comment and rate it....Love the feed back. Angel Naphtalie Angel Productions

Series#3 Reggae Roots-'On the Blue"-Journalist

This is a 14 part series, of "Reggae Roots" Pre-recorded live, in Yorke Beach, ME. -By Angel Productions News & Entertainment VJ, Angel Naphtalie. The Band is MassPyke Gettho People & Vibewise Crew. Featuring in this episode, new recording Artist, Journalist Bandoo. Other series episodes of Reggae Roots, continues to feature Journalist, and IGina IJah. Look for them. Enjoy-feel free to comment. Love the feed back Angel Naphtalie, Angel Productions,

Series#4 Reggae Roots-'On the Blue"-Journalist Bandoo

Another part to the Series Reggae Roots on the Blue, with Journalist Bandoo, backed by The Masspyke - Vibewise Crew. Pre-recorded up in York Beach, ME. by Angel Productions.

Series#5 Reggae Roots-'On the Blue"-Journalist Bandoo

Reggae Roots continues-with Series #5-featuring Journalist Bandoo, pre-recorded live, at York Beach club, in Maine. Backed by the Masspyke-Vibewise crew, headed by the hottest drummer in the reggae scene, the General Glen Grant. check out the rest of the series, and feel free to comment Thanks for watching Jah Guide Angel Naphtalie

Series#6 Reggae Roots-'On the Blue"-Igina IJah & Masspyke crew

Here is series #6, featuring IGina IJah with Masspyke & Vibewise Crew. Part of a 14 part series, which features Journalis Bandoo & Igina Ijah pre-recorded live at the club "In on the Blues" up in York, ME. Enjoy

Series#7 Reggae Roots-'On the Blue"-IGina IJah & Masspyke crew

Another addition to Angels musical point of view-Angel Productions series and work. Here's IGina again with Masspyke & Vibewise crew, up in York, ME, at the club "In on the Bues". Enjoy! Angel Naphtalie

Part 1-Black History Month Profiles-Live Interview with Gospel Singer-Stanley Porter

Part One-Angel Naphtalie talks with Stanley Porter, a Gospel Hip Hop, R&B, Roots recording Artist, about his life and Musical career. This is a 3 part series-Part of a Black History Month Profile.

Part 2-"Black History Profile"-Live Interview with Gospel Artist-Stanley Porter continues

Part 2- Stanley Porter is a gifted Gospel Hip Hop R&B Artist. He tells his story about his many struggles, and how the "Grace Amazing" album came to be. Stanley continues his story through a l3 part live interview-on "Angels Musical Point of View" Radio show.

Part 3-Black History Month Profiles-Live Interview continues with Gospel Hip Hop Artist Stanley Port

Angel Naphtalie continues with a Live Audio Interview (Part 3) with Gospel Hip Hop R&B Artist-Stanley Porter. Stanley wraps up his story of his musical career, and how each song on his album "Grace Amazing" came to be. He also tells you where you can purchase it. Live interview was recorded for radio show: "Angels Musical Point of View-reviews" on WCCR/CCTV Cambridge, MA., with Angel Naphtalie 'the One and Only Angel of the Airwaves'. Listen on Fridays: 10AM-12noon & 12noon-2PM streaming

Reggae Rootz-series#1-Recorded at "Masspyke Gettho People Crew Interview"

This Reggae Rootz series contains several excerpts from a previously Pre-recorded interview by Angel Naphtalie on " Angel's Musical Point of View" with the "Masspyke Gettho People Players & Guest Singer" after a Jam Session, with Igina Ijah's performance. Part one starts the interview off with the Introduction of the 'Masspyke Crew' by Host Angel Naphtalie, then continues into an exclusive interview with Singer-song writer and female Reggae Artists, IGina IJah. Stay tuned for part two of this series, as we talk with Drummer & Producer from Masspyke Productions and Masspyke Gettho People Crew. Enjoy! "The Angel of the Airwaves" yours truelly, Angel Naphtalie

New Coffee House In Cambridge-"Andala Cafe"

Angel Naphtalie tells you about a new coffee house that has opened in Cambridge, MA. It's called "Andala Cafe", located in the heart of Central, near the Police Station and Enterprise Car Rental, behind the First Baptist Church in The Square, corner of Franklin and River street. Can't miss it!...Nor would you want to, once have gone inside and experienced the home away from home feeling that "Andala" offers. Make sure if you stop in, you ask for "Sammi" the owner, and tell him Angel sent you, and you saw it on the web. Enjoy! Your friend Angel Naphtalie

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