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Friday, February 08, 2008

AngelNaphtalie-Interviews 'Ghetto Theory' Bingi ....about upcoming shows.

AngelNaphtalie-interviews over the phone, Bingi from 'Ghetto Theory Productions, regarding upcoming events and shows.  He tells AngelNaphtalie that a certain Artist by the name of 'Kyenie' will be coming to the Western Front, in Cambridge, on Feb 15th, 2008.  Kyenie has be out promoting is music in several US States.  Our next episode will feature this Artist 'Kyenie' from Jamaica.

Ghetto Theory also mentions that they are working hard on the 'Garrison Awards' coming in April. 

Listen and Enjoy! 

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#3-AngelNaphtalie-Celebrates Black History Month-featuring 'Desmond Decker'

Episode 3-Celebrating Black History Month, on RAW Reggae-I-Vibez Zion Train, with Angel Naphtalie, brings you an Artist and Producer of yesterdays, who passed on to higher Grounds a few years ago.  A great musician and Producer, Desmond Decker is the featured Artist for this episode.  Alongside Apache Indian who together with Desmond Decker did a remix of the 'Isrealites' song from the old school archives, made new.

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Angel Naphtalie 

#2-AngelNaphtalie-Celebrates Black History Month with 'Rastafari Elders'

Another Radio Epsode of Angel Naphtalie's WCCR/CCTV Radio Podcast show, 'RAW Reggae-I-Vibez Zion Train'.  Celebrating Black History Month week 2, with 'RasTaFari Elders'.

When listen to the Elders giving us their profound advice, and Chants.  An inspiring episode for everyone.

You can find out more about the Rastafari Elders by going on Line, or buying their music CD or Tapes. 

The Caribbean Connection Radio-BIG CITY-with Angel Naphtalie

Angel Naphtalie hosts 'The Caribbean Connection Radio Show' on Big City Radio 101.3 FM which streams at: LIVE every Saturday.  Host David Martin was in Trinidad for Carnival 2008.

Angel Naphtalie gives you a taste of the Caribbean at BIG CITY!

 Check out the Show streaming Live every Saturday, from 9AM-1PM.

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