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Saturday, February 18, 2006

You Are Here-Cambridge Video News Magazine-Episode 1-10

Go to "You Are Here" video News Magazine aired on CCTV Cambridge
We have two episodes that won in the New Enland Video Contest.
This is our Second year with "You are Here" and we are growing stronger and Bigger.
Join us if you live in Cambridge. (look for You Are Here)
Check out All episodes on The You Are Here Video News Magazine Website.
or Cambridge Community Television Website.

Angel says:
It's all about Cambridge, Where any thing, and everything takes place!

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Watch Angel's Musical Point of View Video's

Watch Angel's Musical Point of View Video's - on CCTV (Cambridge Community Television.
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You Are Here-Video News Magazine -Monthly episodes-(which features Angel's sequments Like:
"Cambridge World's Fair-Will it happen!" episode 1 (Y.A.H.)
"Kids Just Wanna Have Fun" episode 2-(Award Winner) (Y.A.H.)
"Cambridge Carnival-is moving- part I" episode 3 (Y.A.H.)
"Cambridge World's Fair-Update" episdoe 4 (Y.A.H.)
"Cambridge Carnival-has a New Home!" episode 5 (Y.A.H.)
"Family Fun Day-at Cambridge City Hall" episode 6-(Award Winner) (Y.A.H.)
"The New Year Weather Report-with Angel Naphtalie" episode 7 (Y.A.H.)
"Part One-Black History Month, with Jacque Fluery & Lynette Laveau Sax" Episode 8 (Y.A.H.)
"Part Two-Black History Month, with Jacque Fluery & Lynette Laveau Sax" Episode 9 (Y.A.H.)
"Angel Productions" -presents: "Celebrating Black History Month" -Full Version (18min)
"Angel Productions" -presents: "Syrus & Crew-Senioritis"
"Angel Productions"-presents: "Glen Grant & Dubstation Tour"
"The Gallery" _ episode One- (Produced by: Ken Thompson (Letters of Marque Productions) (CCTV Productions) (Angel Productions)
"Angel Productions"-presents-"Exploring the African American Experience in Cambridge" News shorts (Award Winner) & Longer version.(Y.A.H.)
"Angel Productions" Presents-"The You Are Here Special Edition-'Cambridge Election Coverage' & 'Story on Deval Patrick' (Y.A.H.)
"Angel Productions"-presents-"ANDALA's Coffee House-Grand Opening Ceremony" in Cambridge (Y.A.H.)
"Angel Productions"-presents: 3 Part Series: "Reggae Vibes" Act I-'Trinity Possi', Act II-'Livalect & Icious crew', Act III-'King I' backed by 'DubStation'
"Angel Productions-presents: 3 Part Series: "Reggae Roots" with Abijah & Tom Tom O'Brian, with DubStation
"Angel Productions-presents: 3 part series: Reggae Rootz", with 'Glen Grant & MassPyke Crew-featuring, 'I Gina' (Live at CCTV Studios) (up loads to blog as 7 part series)
"Angel Productions-presents: 2 part series: Reggae Roots-In on the Blue-with Journalist Bandoo, IGina IJah, with Masspyke Gettho People Crew. (uploads to Blog as 14 part series)
"Angels musical point of View"-3 part series: Audio feed-"Live Interview recording with Gospel Artist-Stanley Porter (uploads to Blog as a 3part series)

"CRL Film Maker" by Artman Entertainment, CCTV, Angel Productions

And still more coming........

These videos will be able to be seen real soon on this site....Some already up!
or you can see them on:
I will keep you posted when they will be viewed here.

Soon you will have links to Local Artists in the music world of Reggae, where you can purchase their music and support their musical journey.
Check out Masspyke Productions at:
Soon you will be able to purchase music from the General of Masspyke Productions.

Please try to remember this important fact:

"Artists, singers, performers, musicians and video producers, recording producers, work hard to create visual and musical entertainment for you musical and visual pleasure. They should not be taken advantage of, by ripping off their hard work form websites or other places that they try to put their "Crafts" out there for you to see or hear. Instead, support them by purchasing what you like, and helping them to succeed and reach their destinations and higher potentials. If you are a Radio disk Jokey or D.J., Video D.J. or other such avenue, by which these artists and performers can have free exposure, so that others can see or hear about them, than by all means do your jobs to help them, just like I do. No one's work should go un noticed or appreciated. Every one lend a helping hand and do each of our parts to support and promote struggling artists."


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