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Friday, May 25, 2007

Taste of Hot Like Fire-in Action!..Featuring Jr. Jazz

This is short clip and taste of the Band "Hot Like Fire" featuring Jr. Jazz, Thursday, May 17th 2007, down in Newport, RI; at the "Rhino Bar & Grill.  Hot Like Fire, has a steady gig there every thursday, and you catch different guest artist each week, like: Micheal Gabriel, from the "Jamm Down" crew, and from "Shango Axe" band, Paul Wayne, formerly from Boston, Jamaica, and now residing in New York., always someone new to view.  Former singer: Errol Strength, can be found performing with his former band "The Concious Band".  Hot Like Fire has been working hard to make some positive changes, and has had the help of good top notch musicians filling in to lift up the band, like Drummie: Glen Grant, Bassies: Reggie & M'Taliwa, Guitarist: Sean Acker, and stationary keyboardist: Reds.  Kelly B, the female lead singer, 2nd Keys, and Horns woman, is holding down the "Fire" for now, and keeping it Live!  Check out Hot like fire website for more information:  or on at


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