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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Live Reggae Rootz-Series #1 with Masspyke crew "In on the Blues club"

The first of a 14 part series, I, Angel Naphtalie from Angel Productions, brings you the Masspyke Crew. This series was pre-recorded live on location at a club called: "In on the Blues" up in York Beach, ME., back somewhere near the end of August 2006. The Band consists of several members who work together and with bands around the Boston, MA area, like: Masspyke Band, Getto People Backing Band, and Vibewise Band. The Captain and leader of the Crew is the General, himself, the drummer, Glen Grant. Although he doesn't like to take credit for that. He is one of the top ten Drummers out of New York and ranks at the top, of the list for Reggae drummers. He was taught be the best, a strives to up hold his teachers and mentors deep rooted culture, and many hard knocks, and drilling, when it comes to playing and executing the grooves and rythmns on the Kit. Mr. Grant demands the respect, that is due, and shows his love of music, in his commanding position on the throne. Check out the rest of the series 1-14, with two great budding artist: Journalist Bandoo, and IGina IJah. Enjoy, ..and feel free to post your comments. Love to hear from you. Peace & Guidence, Angel Naphtalie

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