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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Angel's Musical Point of View!

Angel's Musical Point of view, is simply an angel's eye view, and thoughts about the music world of Caribbean music. Angel will hold no bars on her thoughts, unless she feels like a caged Angel. Which occassionally happens, when one is dealing wiht humans. Humans tend to do this, when they are unfamiliar to higher altitudes of overstanding.
Stay tuned for more existing information and Live videos.

Yours truelly
Angel Naphtalie


Angel Naphtalie said...

Dub Station is a Reggae Dub Band that features different Artists. They have been around for a little over 10 years and have done well at Bill's Bar, on 5 1/2 Landsdown Street, up the street from Fenway Park in Boston, Massachussetts, Dub Station has thrieved there by performing on a regular basis, weekly, on Sunday nights, starting at 10:00 pm with D.J. K-Don and Triple C, spinning the wheels of steel, followed by a live performance by the Band Dub Station. Dub Station was primarly based with three main musicians for several years, but has since branched out to include new players, along with some of the orginal players. The original players were as follows: Bass player-Kyle Russell, Keyboard player-Ryder McCoy, and Drums-Charle.
Current players and remaining part time musicans are: Bass player-Kyle Russell, part-time orginal key board player-Ryder McCoy, part-time key board player Matt, Donny, Dia Fearon, and other's just to name a few who have stepped up to the plate. For Drums section-Charlie plays part time, and the full time drummer, when not out on tour with other bands, is the well known drummer from Trinidad, and New York, they call-The General, Fada, Dog, or currently known as General Glen Grant. Who is a top notch drummer on the Reggae scene.
Dub Station has recently taken to the road, for their first tour out of the New England Area, and have gone Weat ward bond, up and down the California coast line, down to Colarado, up as far as Washington and Canada.
Their newst addition musicians to the band, are Franky the Saxaphonist, Sean Acker on lead guitar, and singer-rythem guitarist-Tom Tom O'Brian.
Tom O'Brian is the newest singing sensation that Dubstation has incorporated, and is currently promoting. Previous singers and Artist were, Shaka Black, Dion Knibbs, Son Beam, I-Tal Fire, Lady Lee, Silver Dust, Nautulus, Paul Wayne, I-Gina, Jah-n-I, and a whole sluw of others whom have passed through.
Currently, Dub Station is now contracted to back Abijah, and will soon be out on the road, bringing to the four front, this dynamitic performer, opening with the young inspiring Tom O'Brian. The Dual performance is a combination that you don't want to miss. To find out more about Dub Station, Abijah, Shaka Black, and Tom Tom O'Brian log on to Dub Stations web site. Purchase their music, and support the Artists, and the Band on their Musical Journey.
or contact manager Kyle Russell at:

Angel Naphtalie said...

I would like to tell you about a Great pre-production recording studio. Of course, we are talking about 'Reggae foundational Music' here. If you are a reggae artist, you want to check out the "MASSPYKE PRODUCTION" pre-recording studio, with the Master of the Art, the General-Producer, Top Ten Best New York Reggae Drummer, Glen A. Grant. He has been performing for many of the best Reggae Bands in the Reggae World for over 30 years. Now, using his creative skills and talent in the production arena, he has been producing for many up coming and already known reggae Artists. He is greatly admired and respected for his techniques and timing. Glen Grant has been in the recording studio's in New York for years previously, and now in Boston, he is rolling out the beats and rythems, by storm. Or, should I say, (by my Angels Point of View), a silent Storm.
His first production in Boston, Massachusetts, was for an Artist named: Jounalist Bandoo, in 1999-2000. Later for another up coming Artist: Max Dread Miniya. Followed by two singles for Max Dread. Several tracks produced for Jounalist Bandoo, were also performed by Mentos in 2005, on Mentos new album: Mento-Vouchsafe for the children. We will keep you informed about new artists and works in the making.
If you are a reggae artists and want to have music recorded by Masspyke Productions contact Glen Grant via email:

This has been an Angel's Musical Point of View Update;

Angel Naphtalie said...

Angel's Musical Point of View, will soon have some preview video's and Links real soon to: via BlipTv.
So keep an eye view out for that information.
But in the mean time check out Cambridge Community Telivision webstite for streaming or Angel's Videos on site. Catch Angel Naphtalie every Friday afternoon on Channel 9, on 'RAW Reggae I-Vibez-Aboard the Zion Reggae Train, on WCCR/CCTV, if you live in Cambridge, Massachussetts, or stream, if you don't live there, for a great Roots Reggae Radio show. Stream from 12 noon till 2 PM, Fridays only at:
And again, if you live in Cambridge, MA, enjoy a repeat of Fridays Radio show on channel 10, from 4AM-6AM.
If you like Caribbean Music, from the different Islands, and you live in the Metropolitan area, of Boston and surrounding areas, tune into the "Caribbean Connection" WRCA 1330 AM Radio, with Cadillac David Martin and The Angel (Me of Course), for Caribbean Flavor and Vibez. Bringing you the best in Caribbean Music from the Islands, News, Features, and Information. Send your Birthday wishes, wedding anniversary's, birth annoucements, or Condolances. We have Trivia's to test your wits, and so much more.
The Caribbean Connection is on from 12 noon-till 7 PM every Saturday, eastern standard time on WRCA 1330 AM Dial.
Check out our website for 24/7 streaming Caribbean Music and information.
either one gets you there, and you can listen to great up to date caribbean music 24/7 where ever you are.

for more information about advertising and contacts: email David Martin at:
or Angel Naphtalie at:

This has been an Angel's Musical Point of View-Update
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Angel Naphtalie said...

Feel free to Post your Musical Points of View, or comments. I would love to hear from you.

Peace and One love,
Angel Naphtalie
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